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We have just found a vibrant independent radio advertising community in DFW area. We do amazing radio advertisements to promote you as a successful member in our vibrant community. We do love to announce that we can assure you to book an air time to play your advertisements during our radio show to give you an opportunity to get acquainted with us more than what you have right now. So, please do not miss this wonderful opportunities and it's never be too late, always we have rooms to jump start.

For more information please contact: Kaushik Ghose.

Phone: +1 (248) 854-1489.

Kichhu Kathaa Kichhu Gaan - Every Sunday 1PM to 2PM on FunAsia AM 1100

Every Sunday evening from 1PM to 2PM, we are bringing you various kinds of nostalgic, mesmerizing programs including your favorite Bengali songs, recorded interviews of famous personalities, drama excerpts, recitations, live on-air program of local personalities in DFW area and other community news.

Sunday afternoons for Bengalis at Dallas-Fort Worth are never going to be same again! Antorik brings to you all the melodies and flavors that radio entertainment can offer from back home right in the metroplex with our weekly program: Kichhu kathaa, kichhu gaan.

Please listen to our program and offer your immense support so we can improve our contents much better to serve our community and feel free to contact us with your valuable suggestions.

This program will also broadcast online at FunAsia. Please send your feedback, suggestions on our radio programs, write to us at

Meet Our Radio Hosts who are working hard to take Antorik Radio to a different level in 2016.